Whiptail Rays arrive in Weymouth Sea Life Park

Whiptail Rays in Weymouth

Whiptail Rays in Weymouth

Whiptail Rays Find New Home in Weymouth

A pair of metre-long stingrays which outgrew their tank at Cornish zoo – Living Coasts have been given a new home at Weymouth Sea Life Adventure Park.

The two Mangrove whiptail rays have now taken up residency in the Park’s giant Ocean Tank, which already houses 5 rescued Green Sea Turtles and a Nurse Shark that outgrew its tank last year.

They are the first of the species ever to be displayed at the Park, and are generally quite rare in captivity.

“They are both armed with two seven inch long stings, which can inflict painful injuries,” said curator Friona Smith, “so we will need to take a great deal of care when moving them from quarantine into the big tank.”

A male and female, they are a breeding pair which have produced eggs in the past, and the Sea Life team hope they will produce many more in the future.

“We are confident we would be able to rear any offspring without much difficulty and it would be great if this pair were to produce babies that could then be sent to other Sea Life centres across the world,” said Fiona,

“This will help us raise awareness of their endangered status in South Asia where they are not only over-fished, but are also increasingly the victims of accidental by-catch, much like turtles and dolphins”.

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