Weymouth Beach Motorcross

Weymouth Beach Motorcross

Weymouth Beach Motorcross

Purbeck Motocross Club and Weymouth and Portland Lions Club sponsored an exciting day of motor cycle racing on Weymouth Beach on Sunday 10 October.

This is an annual charity event so the riders pay to enter and with the money raised from the sale of programmes etc. a four-figure sum is usually donated to the Lions after expenses are met.

The course the motorcyclists had to negotiate consisted of a long stretch of flat sand along which speeds up to 80mph were achieved before encountering 10 foot high walls of sand that a couple of large earth-movers had created along the beach close to the promenade. This gave all the spectators lining the promenade a grandstand view of all the thrills and many spills as the riders raced around, pushing their machines and themselves to the limit. It is an event requiring skill and endurance.

The days racing is determined by the tide times, beginning just after high water so that during some of the early races the riders were speeding through the surf.

There were six races: 2 Junior, 2 Senior and 2 Expert, with about 60 riders in each race. The races begin with the engines switched off so that even the fastest racers can be left standing if the highly tuned engine of their bike fails to start first kick!

It all makes for exciting viewing for the spectators.

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