Squirrel at The Mill

The Mill

The Mill - Lyme Regis

Friday night was a great one for the Eatme team, we carted our sorry backsides over to Lyme Regis and met up with some family who we’d placed in charge of booking a restaurant for our evening meal and what a job they did!

I’ve often walked through the Town Mill in Lyme and on warm dry days seen the little tables out but never once have I stopped to investigate further and that’s silly of me, I should have because the family had booked a meal for us at The Mill Tea & Dining Room.

At first the main obstacle was finding the place, even once inside the Mill square it wasn’t obvious but eventually, tucked away in a corner under a stair case is a door with a warm glow so in we went. Greeted by a smile and a friendly hello we were off to a good start, I always like an engaging welcome to any establishment, especially if they intend to take money off me.

The menu was both interesting and unusual, even though a little short I reminded myself that it’s quality over quantity and moved past that. One of the local estates has to kull it’s squirrel population and the pick of the quarry end up in The Mill’s kitchen.

We dined extremely well on Squirrel and Crab starters (separate dishes obviously) and had main courses of Duck on Red Cabbage, we washed all this down with an excellent Loire Valley white.

I was too full for desert but was reliably informed by my wife that they, too, were exquisite.

For overall experience, service and quality I give The Mill a very good 85% so well done to them and keep it up, I’ll be back!