Portland Storm

Storm Wallace

Storm Wallace

Every now and then a load of random elements fall into place and something unique occurs, such an event happened on the evenning of May 6th this year as a young lady was on her drive home from work heading back to Fortuneswell on the Isle of Portland.

That night saw one of the most memorable thunder & Lightening storms of recent times and in the build up this amazing photograph was taken.

The amazing thing is that a person with a keen interest and an “A” Level in Meteorology was lucky enough to spot this once in a lifetime event and was able to take a photograph of it with her new iPhone 4.

As if all that isn’t enough, there’s another twist, her name is Storm Wallace, mighty odd set of events in my view but ever so glad they all happened together and that Storm is kind enough to let us use her photographs. Thanks again.

When Storm sent her photos to the Met Office she received this reply:

“Thank you for the very interesting photos , if you do have any more please forward them and i will send them through to our library . What you witnesses is called a ‘roll cloud’ a relatively rare, low-level horizontal, tube-shaped accessory cloud completely detached from the cumulonimbus base. It is located along the gust front and most frequently observed on the leading edge of a line of thunderstorms, a cold front or line squalls. So for Portland tonight it will be associated with the line of thunderstorms. The roll cloud will appear to be slowly “rolling” about its horizontal axis.” Met Office.

If anyone else managed to capture this or any of the lightening that night, please send us the pics with permission to use them and we’ll get them up on one of our websites.

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