Portland gets Fixed

Portland Stone

Portland Stone

Portland rocks

Young people living on Portland in Dorset have become ITV Fixers to celebrate the island’s heritage and stonemasonry history. They appear on ITV West Country Tonight on Thursday 2 December at 6pm.
Quarried Portland stone has been used in the construction of several British landmarks:  St Paul’s Cathedral and Buckingham Palace to name but two. It was also used to build the UN headquarters in New York.
However the young people of the island are now concerned that it may be overshadowed by the neighbouring town of Weymouth and that its stonemasonry trade could be dying out. �
To celebrate the island’s heritage and its history in stonemasonry, they’ve arranged a week-long exhibition for the Portland community to show the public that the quarries are living history and that they should take pride in their shared resource.  �
The Fixer group, lead by Ed Schofield, 20, is made up of student geologists, fine artists, a dancer, and a 14-year-old aspiring sculptor. �
Their exhibition includes a fossil timeline, a stonemasonry workshop and even ‘musical stones’, a xylophone made from Portland stone.
ITV Fixers with vinspired.com is a major campaign created by the Public Service Broadcasting Trust, giving young people between the ages of 16-25 the opportunity to tackle any issue that they feel strongly about. What they choose to do is up to them as long as it benefits at least one other person.

The Fixers are given all the resources they need to make their chosen project a success, with creative help from media professionals to make their own promotional material, from DVDs to websites. Support is on hand for the duration of the project and a broadcast production team produces features about the Fixes for ITV regional news.

Margo Horsley, chief executive of the Public Service Broadcasting Trust, says: “Fixers are young people with passion, setting the agenda and changing stereotypes. We want to give them the chance to decide what they want to do, develop their own projects, and give them a little bit of help if needed. I’ve seen how energetic and committed they are when what they’re doing means something to them. What we’re seeing has really made me question whether young people deserve such a bad press.”

Terry Ryall, chief executive officer of v says: “We are delighted to be supporting ITV Fixers with vinspired.com, which gives a high profile platform to young people’s views, ideas and projects. The campaign is innovative in the way it taps into the things young people care about and the media they feel confident using. ITV Fixers is helping them develop valuable skills, whilst transforming their communities and improving understanding between older and younger generations.”

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