Philpot Museum Fossil Polishing

Chris Andrew

Chris Andrew Lyme Regis Fossil Festival

The Philpot Museum in Lyme Regis will be running “Rock cutting” days on the following days:

26th July 2012
9th August 2012
23rd August 2012
25th August 2012

You can test your lapidary skills by polishing your own sectioned Jurassic Ammonite. Tel 01297 443370 for further details.

On all the days listed you can see fossil Ammonites being sliced in half with a daimond saw. Then, with instruction, you can polish one of the cut fossils for a small fee. The choice of Fossils is yours that you would like to work with.

Last year hundreds of people attended the session lasting until 4.30pm! Wonderful polished local specimins of Ammonite were the result of people’s efforts. Chris Andrew, who is a marine biologist and a geologist, is helping to organise these events.

Brandon Lennon will be helping with the “Workshop” at the museum.

Also, Chris Andrew, will be organising Ammonite polishing at the Lyme Regis fossil festival from 4th – 6th May 2012.

Look online for more detailsof this and a programme of events will be available nearer the time in town.

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