Paddleboarding taster sessions



Free Taster Sessions in Stand-Up Paddle Boarding and Windsurfing at the WPNSA

During the weekend of the 21st – 22nd May, Jaffa will be hosting ‘Citru Surf’, a windsurfing and stand-up paddle boarding (SUP) event at the Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy (WPNSA).  The Jaffa team will be rolling up to the Academy to promote their ‘Mass Participation’ event, which follows on from a highly successful ‘Zest for Life Tour’ in 2010. 

Windsurfing is exhilarating and a water sport that’s really good fun.  But it can be tricky to get the hang of it, without a little help.  This is the ideal introduction to windsurfing, a thrilling sport that combines aspects of both sailing and surfing.  The fully qualified and friendly instructors will ensure you get the very best out of your experience and will take you through all the basic skills needed to sail where you want to go and back where you started from. 

Although only taking off recently, SUP is actually a rediscovered Hawaiian sport with a heritage stretching back to ancient island kings.  With its popularity skyrocketing, SUP is riding the dual wave of a killer workout and serious good time.  Jaffa and the Academy are welcoming anyone and everyone to free taster sessions to see and learn what it’s all about; it is the perfect opportunity to sample a sport that has been taking the country by storm.

Thanks to the paddle, the sport is not nearly as strength-sapping as being on a surfboard and being constantly pummelled by walls of white water, making it ideal for young and old alike.  The basics are straightforward to learn, and once you’ve mastered them, the paddle makes it as easy to drop down into a curling wave as it is to slip away from the breakers and explore the coastline.  For beginners there will be a demonstration race by experienced SUP riders, to help expand participants’ understanding of the sport.

So if you love the water, and love a good challenge, it could be the perfect weekend for you.

The event will also encompass the British Slalom Association (BSA) national windsurfing event taking place over the weekend.  The recently founded association had a very successful first season in 2010, culminating in over 95 participants during the finale held at the WPNSA in October last year.  The same level of attendance is expected in May, providing a base level of participation for the weekend.

There will also be a sea swimming event on the Saturday morning with introductory sessions in this uniquely challenging sport.  Sea swimming presents a greater challenge than your average pool swimming; swimmers have to deal with whipping winds, tidal currents and chilling waters.  Despite these challenging conditions outdoor swimming has seen something of a surge of popularity of late.  Once perceived as the preserve of school children and hardy pensioners, it is now being embraced across the nation.  For further information about getting involved in sea swimming please contact Mark at BustinSkin on 07752 902 080.

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