PACT meeting vows to clean Westham’s image

Last night saw angry residents who live around the Weymouth Swimming Pool and surrounding park area meet with local Police to discuss the nuisance teenagers who gather out of sight of the CCTV cameras behind the swimming pool.

The meeting was organised by PACT, Partners and Communities Together, and was well attended by residents as well as 2 local Police officers, Adam & Pauline.

The residents started by reciting some of the acts of mindless vandalism and anti-social behavior that they’ve witnessed over the past year saying that previous years have been bad but the problem seems to have escalated in the last 6-8 months. The recent Section 30 order was judged by most locals to have been a failure, largely due to antaganistic reporting by the Dorset Echo, following an article in which the situation became noticably worse.

The Police assured the residents that they have further measures in place that will help the situation improve including the possibility of a temporary CCTV camera to place covering the worst area and further discussions with Weymouth & Portland Borough Council, Housing Dept. which could result in parents of the offending teenagers being threatened with eviction.

The final advice given by the Police to the residents was to continue to call in their complaints about the anti-social behavior when it is happening and the Police will respond as quickly as they can and move the offenders on.

The residents would like to thank the attending Police officers for their continued help and support and look forward to the follow-up meeting which is planned for January.

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