New diet ressults are in for Monkey World


Oshine at Monkey World

Oshine, the Bornean orang-utan hit the headlines last year due to her unusually huge size when she arrived at Monkey World – Ape Rescue Centre.  Oshine was rescued by the centre in August 2010 from South Africa, where she had been kept as a pet for 12 years.  At that time, she tipped the scales at 100kg – more than double the natural weight of a female orang-utan.

Since arriving at Monkey World, Oshine has been undergoing a rehabilitation program, including a health and fitness program designed to bring her weight down by losing fat while at the same time increasing her strength and agility.  She now lives with 5 other orang-utans, in a more natural environment at the park, and is scaling a 20m climbing frame with ease, and has even adopted an orphaned baby orang-utan named Silvestre!

With a new healthy diet – cutting out sweets and processed foods – and exercising in her new home with her new family, Oshine’s weight has been in steady decline over the year and she’s lost an impressive quarter of her original bodyweight, now weighing in at 75kg! 

Dr Alison Cronin, Director of Monkey World said, “The O-diet has worked amazingly well for Oshine. She has steadily lost a quarter of her body weight, amounting to 25kg over the year, and without it being too hard on her. Oshine has been eating a healthy diet of fruit, vegetables, and lean protein the same as the rest of our orang-utans. Combined with the exercise of climbing and playing with the youngsters in our orang-utan crèche, she is much healthier and a lot more active. Oshine still has more than 20 more kilos to lose but we are so happy for her and pleased that her health has improved.” Like people, orang-utans can suffer from high blood pressure, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease when they are obese.

Monkey World is home to Europe’s orang-utan crèche where orphaned babies are sent to grow up with others of their own kind.  Under this program, Silvestre the young Sumatran orang-utan arrived at centre and was introduced to Oshine and the pair have been inseparable since!  Oshine and Silvestre have bonded like mother and son, which has certainly helped Oshine to settle into her new, more natural, lifestyle at the park.

Oshine’s continuing progress will be featured on the next series of Monkey Life due to be launched in 2012.

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