Mitchel Harvey rider update

The Cyclists

The Cyclists

Made it.

Today was immense and physically exhausting. We are constantly being battered with hills which I thought could never have been cycled and conquered. They are near-on vertical sumits which go up and up and up why on gods earth would they have ever built roads like this?? They must be idiots!

We are all feeling pain in all different areas. Mine is more the fight mentally. You simply cannot prepare yourself for the endurance of hills and the winds that try and blow you back down, there is nothing more demorilzing.

We straggle and cling to the edges of the roads separated by half a mile apart. Breaks are infrequent and food is limited.

We are enjoying this. Trust me. We are even more determined to finish now. Coverage on wessex fm has increased the awareness and sponsorship. We are expectin a good turnout on sat when we get in. Please come if you want.

Off to bed. Night.
Kind Regards

Roddy Cameron
Uncle and Cyclist

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