Live sailing event tracking for the Olympics

Live Event Tracking at the Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy

The Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy (WPNSA) and TracTrac, the leaders in live sports tracking, are pleased to announce that they have signed a collaboration agreement and they will be working closely together.  Event organisers at the WPNSA will now have the option to access pay as you go tracking infrastructure which will make the on-the-water action more accessible and more attractive to sailors, clubs, spectators, coaches and sponsors.  The technology can be put in place to be used by major events, training days, small weekday events, youth activities or fun races. 

TracTrac already tracks the excitement and action at most major sailing events, recently working closely with 2011 Skandia Sail for Gold to deliver a fantastic tracking experience both on the web and at venue via a 25 foot big screen.  In addition to the WPNSA race management services on offer for race events on the site, this technology will now be available at an affordable rate within a fully managed operation. 

TracTrac live tracking will present a number of benefits for event organisers using the WPNSA facilities.  Participants and coaches will be able to analyse and replay the race, compare themselves against their competitors and visualise key moments of the race.  TracTrac can assist race organisers in course setting, improve safety, support jury decisions and display results.  And on top of all this spectators can live the excitement, understand the competition and feel close to the action. 

John Tweed, Chief Executive at the Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy, commented; “This experience no doubt will be extremely positive.  The system will arouse excitement in being part of an event both among the sailors and the general public.  The means of presenting the tracking whether it is via the big screen on the harbour or through an internet browser will prove very attractive for both sponsors and followers of the event.”

Adrian Whaley, TracTrac UK, said; “We are very excited that the leading sports tracking provider and the UK’s premier sailing venue are teaming up.  Through our service we are able to bring the race excitement to spectators at the venue as well as a global audience who can watch the events online through our live race viewer.”

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