Liam Simpson Boxing Champ

Liam Simpson

Liam Simpson

DORSET boxers finally got their teeth into the start of the schoolboy championships and with great success.

After the event had been put back by the adverse weather, the Dorset contingent travelled to Bodmin for the first round of the Western Counties Southern Division finals and Portland’s Liam ‘Lights Out’ Simpson boxed Jack Knapton from Tiverton in the class two 50-52kg final.

Knapton, aiming to upset Simpson’s plans of defending his title, set about with purpose and right from the first bell the Tiverton youngster pushed forward.

He scored a few useful shots in the early stages but played into Simpson’s game plan.

The islander waited for Knapton to commit himself and then returned fire with punishing counterblows.

In the second round Simpson asserted his dominance with some hard shots. A quick right to left combo had Knapton backing off before Simp-son’s signature shot, the left uppercut, came into play and sent his opponent to the canvas.

Knapton managed to rise and the bell sounded to signal the end of the round.

Knapton tried to catch Simpson off guard as the third got underway but the Portland member remained on top and comfortably held out for the win and a clash with Faz McVey from Salisbury in the Western Counties final.

Next up was Weymouth’s Toby Osmond, who started his campaign against a top opponent in Michael McCann from Poole.

Being the smaller of the two competitors, Osmond had his work cut out. And in the early stages of the bout, McCann used his height to good effect, keeping Osmond at bay with his hit and run tactics.

But as the contest wore on it was clear that McCann would not be able to keep up with the pace that the Weymouth boxer was setting.

Osmond forced his opponent on to the back foot and his superior fitness told as his hand was raised come the end of the bout.

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