Jeremy’s Monkey Ride 2012

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Jeremy's Monkey Ride

To celebrate Monkey World’s 25th Anniversary this year, the Ape Rescue Centre’s Animal Director Jeremy Keeling will be re-tracing the journey undertaken by the first 9 chimpanzees that started a new life in the park in 1987.  His non-stop motorbike adventure will cover approximately 900 miles, from Barcelona in Spain back to Monkey World in Dorset. 

Jeremy conceived the idea as he is unable to take part in the ‘Giant Leap for Ape Kind’ sponsored bungee jump event being held at the park later this year. He will be undertaking this solo challenge on his beloved Harley Davidson Nightrod Special which he has owned for 5 years. Jeremy says “I wanted to do my bit and have always had a passion for motorbikes, it’s a very relevant journey as I’ve never actually been to the place they were rescued from. It’s the perfect opportunity to do something I love and raise money at the same time”.  This isn’t the first time Jeremy has taken to the saddle in aid of charity, as he rode all the way round Britain’s coastline in 1 week to raise money for local charity Julia’s House 5 years ago. 

Jeremy is very grateful for all the support he’s already received, especially James Cargo Services Ltd who will be shipping his motorbike over to Spain for the start of the challenge.

The trip will be a poignant one for Jeremy who helped founder Jim Cronin MBE set up the Ape Rescue Centre in 1987 and was at the park when the first 9 chimpanzee’s arrived from Spain.  All but one of the original rescued chimpanzees are still thriving at the park which goes to show the outstanding dedication of Jeremy, Alison and the team at Monkey World in making primates lives better. The park is now home to over 240 rescued and endangered primates of 17 different species and is the largest primate rescue centre in the world!

Looking back over Monkey World’s achievements over the last quarter of a century, Jeremy says “The fact we’ve reached our 25th Anniversary is very important to me as I have been involved since Monkey World’s conception and it’s an amazing achievement thinking about how far we’ve come considering things were pretty touch and go in the early days!”.

Jeremy is aiming to make a triumphant return to Monkey World on 14th July during the park’s 25th Anniversary celebrations.  Speaking of his grand entrance Jeremy jokes “In my head I see me returning amidst pyrotechnics and fireworks, throwing my bike down on its side and striding away with the wheels still turning”.  In reality, if all goes to plan, his return will feature during Monkey World’s ‘Party In The Park’ which is being held in a traditional Big Top and promises an evening of live music, Monkey World staff presentations, acrobats and a disco. Tickets are on sale now, visit for details.�
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