How many wild flowers? by Merete Bates

A painting by Merete Bates

A painting by Merete Bates

As a painter I have always been drawn to wild flowers for their
intense colour and lyrical shapes but had no idea until I really
began looking closely around our house that I would find so many…I
began to take notes and names as far as I could. So far I have found
62 this year some tiny and bright like sea spurrey others droopy and
creepy like gladdon.

a_herbbennettThen their names…….Jack-go-to-bed, sun
spurge, hawksbeard, lady-smock…They seem elusive and ephemeral in
their growth, carpeting the grass oneyear, in another barely evident.
We live in Ringstead, in parts barely cultivated at all so maybe this
accounts for the variety?

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