‘Green’ Mobile Phone Business for Local Man

Julz Thomas

Local entrepreneur Julz Thomas had been noting the wastage in old mobile phones being discarded and decided he could do something about it. “I decided to set up a website that would be able to give people advice and guidance on buying a second hand mobile phone.

The mobile market is now so saturated with new phones coming out almost weekly that perfectly good handsets get discarded or remain unused for years in a draw somewhere. Someone could make use of that phone and perhaps they would even buy it off you – its also the eco-firendly green option to reuse a mobile phone”. The average second hand smart phone like the Apple iPhone sells for over £100, yet these handsets might cost $500, £600 new.

I think we are reaching near the end of the mobile phone development cycle and phones that are only a year or so old now are still going to be a good phone”. We cunningly named our website second hand mobile phones.

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