Great Father’s Day ideas

Father's day ideas
Father’s day ideas

Winning bonding Father’s Day ideas

“Any man can be a Father but it takes someone special to be a dad.” -Anne Geddes

The ultimate Father’s Day (17 June 2012) gift for any man is time spent with his child or children. Bonding and saying thank you to the man who brought you up will always put a smile on his face. But how? We’ve got some excellent suggestions for quality time spent with the Father in your life.

Make Alexandra Hotel, Lyme Regis your base and they’ll organise a range of activities for Father’s Day. Known for its relaxed charm, set among the majestic Jurassic Coast cliffs, the Alexandra has found some more unusual pursuits for anyone wanting to give the Dad they know a gift experience to be remembered. Now the difficult part is which one to choose…

Is it a plane, is it a bird? No it’s…my Dad!

This is the ultimate for any Father’s Day present. Gyrocopting is the fastest growing form of sport aviation in the UK* and makes for a fantastic present. Up in the air with the birds, it’s faster than a balloon and cheaper than a plane. This is an adrenaline rush the man in your life just has to experience. Let him tell you all about his gyrocopter adventure over dinner back at the Alexandra in their award-winning restaurant, regaling you with tales of his loop-the-loop, just please don’t splutter into your soup.

No need to ask for a push with these bikes

Electric bikes are the new way to exercise without too much puff. They help you up the steep bits (there are quite a few in Lyme Regis) and let you peddle freestyle as and when you want. Hire the bikes to explore the area or the Alexandra Hotel can arrange a guided tour. It will be the Jurassic Coast’s stunning scenery that takes your breath away, not the hills. That’s something to be celebrated by having a Dorset cream tea upon return to the hotel.

Fish for your supper

Ever been fishing? Don’t fancy the fuss? Not to worry, the Alexandra Hotel, Lyme Regis has the answer. The hotel can arrange your own fishing trip, whether it be mackerel or deep sea fishing. Lyme Bay is launching point for the amateur and ambitious fisherman alike. During season you’re pretty much guaranteed to get a good haul of mackerel. The best bit? Give your catch to the award-winning chef and he’ll deal with the fussy prep and serve it up cooked and dressed for your supper. Now you can’t get much fresher than that.

Do things with wood you never knew you could

With modern day life taking over sometimes it’s the time taken out to learn a trade of old which leads you to be able to see the wood from the trees. Learn to make your own chair, for example and you’ll feel a sense of satisfaction every time you sit down on it. There are a variety of courses to choose from, including one day starter courses to five day workshops. With the Alexandra Hotel as your base you know that when your head hits the soft pillow that night you’ll be out like a light.

4 x 4 Land Rover experience 

Carving up the mud, changing gears and revving the engine while being rocked from side to side, as steep seemingly unscalable hills approach and gravity defying dips are conquered. Learn how to drive off road vehicles with style, all shared with your Dad. That should get the cogs going, giving you both one of the ultimate fun days out. And to refill those cylinders at the end of the day, the bar at the Alex has a choice of local beers and ciders to choose from. What’s not to like?

For more information please contact Alexandra Hotel on 01297 442010 or Special weekend rates available upon request.

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