Fish 4 Feet Weymouth take on The Sun

Fish 4 Feet Weymouth

Fish 4 Feet Weymouth

Kirsten Salf, owner of Weymouth’s premier Fish Pedicure Salon, was outraged about the headlines in Monday’s The Sun newspaper, below is the very sensible and informative email that she has written to Emma Little of The Sun in reply, published here just in case The Sun are too embarrassed to do so. Also, for more info, please visit Kirsten’s website She writes:

Dear Emma,
I am writing to you today after seeing your article in today’s Sun newspaper regarding fish pedicures.
I have read the HPA guidelines, guidance on the management of the public health risks, information for the public and the document which is headed ‘fish pedicure unlikely to cause infection’. We already comply with the majority of the guidelines and provisions are already in place to comply with other recommendations.
I am the owner of an independent and self financed fish pedicure spa, I have worked very hard at researching, financing and obtaining the correct systems and worked closely with the local Environmental Health Department. I feel distressed at how the report from the HPA has been interpreted and the headlines you have used & front page! Yes people need to be aware of the health risks that could be present at a spa where they do not follow strict hygiene practices/staff training etc, I agree there are places that do not operate following the guidelines and I am grateful these guidelines have been released.
However, your article will have an impact on my business and put me out of business if people do not read it fully and understand that they face these risks in numerous environments. The lack of tact and consideration you have used in reporting the release of the HPA guidance will hit many in the business hard and during this economic climate another knock we can all do without.
I care a great deal about my customers and the welfare of my fish but no consideration has been given to my health, welfare or lively hood the way your article is written.
Kirsten Salf

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