Dartmoor 2011

Dartmoor Challenge

Dartmoor Challenge

Next years barrel chalenge will be on 17/18th September, in aid of MV Freedom and Help for Heros.

The challenge is for teams to take a barrel of beer from the brewery in Princetown Dartmoor to the Kings Arm Weymouth.

On Saturday, teams of 4 with a support driver have to bring a barrel from the Jail Ale Brewery acoss the moors to Ashburton for an over night stop at the River Dart Country Park.

That night there will be entertainment food and beer plus exclusive use of our own camp site field and full use of the park facillities.

On Sunday, after a harty breakfast the teams with their barrel, must get back to Weymouth by whatever means they can, many will be wearing fancy dress and collecting money on the way.

On arrival in Weymouth the barrels will be rolled from Hope Square to The Kings Arms.

At the Kings Arms, there will be food, entertainment and a good party including The Dorset wrecks, folk band who will be singing shanties on board Freedom outside the Kings Arms and there will be a street collection. So if you’re in the vacinity in September next year, put this in your diary, it was a very successful event last year and the organisers hope to improve on that this coming year. To get involved click here

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