BBC comments cause local businesses problems

Below is a letter sent to the BBC by Weymouth based business MW Legal Services following comments made on Saturday mornings “Breakfast” programme.

“Dear Sirs

Yet again I find myself complaining about the BBC’s refusal to acknowledge a whole sector of industry.

On Saturday Morning’s Breakfast programme there was an interview with someone from another BBC programme concerning Wills, I was happy with the general information going out to the public until the very last comment by both Interviewer and Interviewee. The programme isn’t available on iPlayer so I can’t repeat the words verbatim but the interviewer concluded with something like “So you wouldn’t recomend people go onto the internet to get their wills written?” and teh response was “No, go and see a Solicitor!”

Both of these comments negatively effect my business and the businesses of many others, life’s hard enough in this recession without the BBC using it’s might against us.

I am a professional Will Writer, a Member of The Society of Will Writers and I have £2.5million PII, I am not a Solicitor but I have many Solicitors as clients, they know that I am an expert in my field. So why do you not say “Get your will written by a Will Writing Professional”? That comment would include people like myself and Solicitors alike!

Also, I own a website called that has around 10,000 happy clients and via that website I write wills for many people in England & Wales, hundreds of which have been proven following the clients death. Many Solicitors are now realising the benefit of satisfying a clients basic will needs via online forms on their own websites so even your beloved Solitors may suffer from your comments.

Sadly, this is not the first time that you’ve ignored my profession and not the first time that I’ve written about it but I suspect that this sort of comment will yet again be ignored and the BBC will continue to mis-inform Joe Public.

If you want to talk to me about the situation I’ll be happy to on my mobile 07736 014831.

Yours sincerely

Matt Walkden
0871 288 4252”

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